Friday, June 17, 2016

Let's Get This Show on the Road

Well, after a hiatus of way too long, I'm back, and in a rush. I opened this blog to record my adventure that was about to ensue for my first ever overseas trip to Ireland. That was in 2009. The week Iceland's volcano blew up. They cancelled my flight the day before I was supposed to leave.

So here I sit today ticktackclackitying on my laptop trying to bust this out because TODAY my daughters and I leave for my First Ever Overseas Trip Part II and THEIR first ever flight to go to London and Edinburgh. We'll be there for a little over a week (almost 10 days) and so my hope is that I can resurrect this poor old blog (does anyone really care?) and use it to post photos, write about our adventures, etc.

So. Here we go. This feels weird, writing to "the world" again, getting ready to go on this incredible adventure.

Weird and wonderful.


Sunday, December 8, 2013

She Went Thataway

And here we are again...I had so many rich experiences in the first half of the year and now it has slowed and quieted to a mellow thrum. No drama, no chaos, no adventure...just being.

Just being can sometimes be anathema to a writer. My mind is so muted at this time I'm having a difficult time expressing myself so here I am, feeling the need to write but about what? And, as always, as I write I start thinking of things so if this starts going off into a direction I guess I'll follow the path.

Actually, this inability to find focus and passion hasn't cropped up has been awhile in the making. But only yesterday on Facebook I was going through my news feed and saw a photo that resonated with me so I "liked" and "shared" it. It was a photo of two soldiers and the text on it said something to the affect of soldiers put their lives on the line for less than minimum wage and yet fast food workers want double the amount to slap a patty on a bun. Of course, a couple friends who are experienced in military life and who are also fairly liberal and very educated jumped on it (kindly I must say). One thing I didn't realize when I posted that photo is that it originally came from Sarah Palin.



I HATE politics. I don't post political stuff, I don't want to argue with anyone, I believe everyone has a right to their beliefs and I appreciate the passion that people have one side or another. I labored awhile over various responses to both of my friends trying not to sound like an uninformed, wishy-washy, mindless buffoon.

I ended up deleting the post altogether.

Then I realized that I didn't answer...COULDN'T answer...because as much as I still felt the intention of the photo resonated with me (cmon...teenagers working after school making $15 an hour??? And YES I KNOW NOT JUST TEENAGERS WORK IN FAST FOOD! I GET IT!!! And this is why I didn't post a response...hmmmm.) I just didn't have enough information to support my view. I felt grossly uneducated and uninformed in my efforts to post a response. I just didn't want to argue or debate.

All that wishy-washiness is why I didn't vote in the last presidential election. I have voted in election years as far back as I can remember since I was legal to do so. And yet, last go round I liked NO ONE and didn't have the information I felt necessary (i.e. I was too wrapped up in my personal drama and chaos at the time to sit down and focus on anything else) to make informed decisions so I didn't decide at all.

That still bugs me. What also bugs me is that I still have only a slight idea of what political road I follow. I'm not right-wing but I'm not left-wing either. I don't believe in anarchy but I want the government to stop watching me.


So, as any person with access to the internet would do, I googled "what's my political party test" (or something like that). I just picked one and about halfway through realized, "hmmmmm, interesting, is the government going to be sending special friends to knock on my door? Who will have this information? Would a plea that some of the questions effing confused me be a good defense against...what kind of charge?? The crime of trying to find out what my personal opinions are?? I guess that thought right there is the first clue that I'm not in the upper right corner of the socio-economic political cube.

I just answered from the heart...which is where most of my writing and any of my expressiveness comes from, also realizing, like in any test, some questions are repeated throughout with different wording. As it ends up I actually wasn't much surprised that I am slightly left and down in the quadrant, hovering around the same positioning as Alexis Tsipras, Francois Hollande, the Dalai Lama and Nelson Mandela. I like them as neighbors. *waves hello.

This is a good clue of where I stand politically but the truth remains that I still have no oomph or energy or fiery passion to sit down and argue with anyone one way or the other about things. Part of it is that I just don't feel like I'm on the up and up with the political news and I don't really care too much to be. Yet I miss having passion about something...anything.

All of this is about WAY more than just politics. There is a sense of lacking direction at this point in my life and as best as I can describe how it feels is this: I'm not at a crossroads, but at the center of many, many paths spiking away in every direction and all the road signs are pointing back at me.

Which means I have to go within to define myself. Once I get that handled the outward path to take will illuminate before me. The garbled directions will become clear. Sense of self will be that passion I now seek. I won't have to stand down or stand up to anyone, but stand calmly in my beliefs. Passion does not equal drama.

Til then I'll just allow the middle (center) to be my home and try not to be apologetic about it.

Monday, November 11, 2013

Drive Time II: En Fuego!!

I thought I'd return to one of the themes of my blog, which is music. (And – in retrospect – romance and lasciviousness. It's unENDing. :/ No really. It really doesn't ever stop.)

Did a "Drive Time" post a month or so ago and thought it would be fun to do another. Here are the top 10 songs making the rounds on my playlists in my office, car and home lately:

1. Dance With You
This song has special significance for me. Won't get into details, but the lyrics, at one time, said a lot for me that I simply couldn't articulate. Texted the song title to A Guy. Don't know if he ever listened to it. Ahhh, love. *sigh*. ANYHOO...Live, up til 2009, was led by blow-your-mind-talented singer/songwriter Ed Kowalczyk whose reedy voice round-houses the societal-commentary rock anthems the band is known for. And then he goes and, somehow, vocally caresses ethereal ballads like "Dance With You" and "The Dolphin's Cry" and "Turn My Head".  This song is  poetic, mythical, soul-love music. It has a goddess and her lover, karmic oceans, Fijian seas, starry want it, you got it.


2. Distance
And now for something completely different. Got tuned in to Christina Perri by my daughters who had me youtube  "Jar of Hearts" (beautiful song, awkward video.) There was a sincerity in her voice and lyrics that made me buy that song immediately, plus this song and a couple others. This video is as beautiful as the song is lovely and sweet. It's a one-two combo with Mraz's duet that makes this a constant loop. Oh, the love, the love! :) You gotta clap at the very end of this video. No really. You HAVE TO. It's the rules. Truth.

3. Far Away
Oh. My. GAWD. My heart just exploded. About a gazillion times. Ultra gooey, sticky, romantic guy-singing-what-I-want-to-hear stuff!!! Does this man have a Twin? Flame-hot romantic this is. (Hello? Is that you Yoda??). It's all my friend's fault. She said her boyfriend told her he thinks of her when he hears this song. (Hellajealous!!) There ARE men in the world who think this way. So. Prepare to melt. 

Seriously, what is with these grinding rock bands that put out these ginormously romantic ballads? Get your mops...

4. A Kind of Magic
(GPS lady voice: In 5 seconds, make a gnarly, high-speed, hairpin left turn at the intersection of Wait A Minute Ave. and What the Hell? St.)

*errrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr.....* (Contrary to what you just thought, that is not my long pause waiting for something to pop into my head. That's my interpretation of squealing tires in written form. I'm sorry. You should hear how lame my gun sounds are. Which you can't because...this is...writing. I'm digressing. This is the digression portion of this blog. #facepalm.)

This takes us out of Gushland and straight into Nostalgiaville. It's QUEEN! This happy song popped up on my iTunes shuffle last week. But as much as I love Queen, I have a plethora of their songs that I haven't heard yet. (What? Was that a collective gasp of 50-60 somethings falling over? Oops.) When I heard this, something clicked; there is a deep-level meaning here that I could write an entirely new, long, drawn-out post about. But I won't. (Arent' you lucky?) Besides, Freddie laughs so joyfully in the middle of it. How can you not love? And who doesn't love magic and flames inside of you and bells in your mind? God, the world is a sadder place without Mr. Mercury. The video is odd, but it's a fun look back to what MTV used to be like.

5. Must Be Desire
(GPS lady voice: Recalculating.)

It seems we've left Nostalgiaville for a detour to Retroheim. Let's soul it down a bit. 

Do not let the sound fool you. I use this video because I love the studio version of the song. But if you're expecting some slinky sex-kitten in stilettos, well, take a look at this video of a live performance of this song and prepare to experience "whoa". I absolutely lovelovelove this talented woman. A good lesson in not pegging people by what you see OR hear. And I dig the slap-bass beat that is so reminiscent of the hawt Lee Rocker from Stray Cats. Snap away my friends and listen to the "try to say that 10 times fast" musings of Mojo Juju!

6. Mercy
When Amy Winehouse hit I was ├╝ber happy about the return to 60s soul lounge sound, being the vintage/retro chickadee that I am. Duffy kind of has a Petulia Clark innocence with a hint of naughty spice going on. This song is all about I love you, you got me, but damn you got me in a place my morals don't want me to be...have mercy on me please...I'm down on my knees... Oh my... Oh mercy...You know, some girls don't WANT to be released. 

7. Say I Wanna Know
Here's proof some guys can pull off ultra-chic retro cool. And, lo, like Mojo Juju, Nick also does NOT look like he sounds. Hey, I like surprises, I like people who make me raise my eyebrows. This starts with a classic organ/tambourine shake and soon explodes with soul backup singers. This oozes sensuality. And a bit of confusion. Say, the man wants to KNOW... (This video lacks, ah, vision, so, use your own...)

8. Loveletter
I think I actually found this when I searched Gin Wigmore's "Man Like That" (from the Daniel Craig...mmm...Heineken commercial) song. This is right in line with those others up there, except where Duffy's pleading to release her, and Mojo is contemplating what it must be, and Nick is asking wha??, Clairy just right-bam-damn says it. Well, she writes it in a letter, we don't actually get to hear WHAT she writes, that would make it PORN, but the implication is there. Anyway, she's here with Nick's backup girls (not really, but it could happen) in a bouffant wig and Winehouse eyeliner in this campy video; she pulls off the music splendidly. least it's not another picture of a beach. 

9. Girl On Fire
Tires squealing again. GPS lady voice just quit. 

We are off the map altogether. And I don't know about you but it is HOT in here. Damn. So, appropriately, this one is ALL about a girl on fire. Not literally, because that would be super sad, but she is symbolically en fuego with inner strength. As Ms. Keys says in the intro of a live version video of this song, this isn't just for girls, it's a declaration for anyone who wants to stand up and be themselves proudly. It's beautiful and intense and I wish I could sing like this... "Looks like a girl but she's a flame, So bright she can burn your eyes, Better look the other way, You can try but you'll never forget her name..."

10. Fire Woman
What does a girl on fire become when she grows up? A FIRE WOMAN. THASSRIGHT.  I was into rockabilly and alternative New Wave in the 80s but somehow The Cult, labeled with the Heavy Metal/Goth Rock genre, transcended that musical line and made their way into my listening pleasure. This is a classic song that still resonates with me today. Ian Astbury's voice, like Freddie Mercury, is instantly recognizable. And, like Ed Kowalczyk, it's an incongruous voice that doesn't seem like it should belong in the metal genre, but slams every song to the ground with resounding force.

Ladies and Gentlemen, you'd think this would conclude our tour of a really mashed up musical road-trip but you're WRONG. Because I realize I have a LOT of fire/flame references in this post. These songs are replete with the heat theme. Who's surprised?? I'm not surprised. Are you surprised? If you are, you haven't seen the rest of my blog. *frownyface.

So, I got an idea. BING! Wonder how many songs I have in my iTunes library that have something to do with fire. Answer: A LOT! Too many to list. BUT! For a BONUS TRIP, let's add two of my favorites to make this an even Drive Time Dozen:

11. Burning Love
Need I say more? CMON IT'S ELVIS. NO ONE ARGUES WITH THAT. PERIOD. End of story. He's the king! Without further ado...Here's ahunkahunka blinged out burnin' love comin' atcha:


12. Fire
Right? HOW can anyone have a fire playlist without this red-hot, siren-lead-in song? Remember the scene in Backdraft? On top of the fire engine...? On the...on...the...hoses...?? No? Well, come to think of it, that scene had nothing to do with this song. They did use the song in the movie, I mean, they HAD's, like, a LAW or something (Section C of Code 51, Bill of Rights 12: Thou Shalt ALWAYS Use Ohio Player's Song "Fire" In Every Firefighter Movie, Anno Dominos Pizza Unum E Latinus The End Werd.) 

So, yeah, it was in some bar scene where all the firemen are singing this song.  But...mmmm...the fire engine scene...I'd like to swerve and curve and gosh I'd like ta get ma wish...choke, tighten up... And that ain't my colla' that just popped, know what I'm sayin' yeaaaah mmhmmm babayyy..... 

Oopsy...I think I just channeled the Lovemaster  (LISTEN AT YOUR OWN RISK!).

Let's just get back on the road, shall we? Ohio (Players) here we come!!

Not that it matters anymore, because, honestly, this post has gone to the gutter, other songs showed up, like Firework by Katy Perry, Fire in the Twilight by Wang Chung, Ring of Fire by Johnny Cash AND Social Distortion, Light My Fire by the Doors, Firesong by Volbeat, Fireside Song by Genesis, Burning Up by the Jonas Brothers. Yes I just admitted that to the world. Blah blah blah. But I'm done. Spent. No more more links!! I need a nap.

I don't always go on and on about love and sex, but when I do, it's in my blog.

Flame on my friends.

Sunday, October 20, 2013

Have a Snack for Humanity in Skid Row 19 October 2013

Yesterday Have a Snack for Humanity gathered up their volunteers in Lakewood, CA again to prepare sandwiches to take down to the Rescue Mission in Los Angeles and hand out to people on Skid Row.

This was my second time going and the first time for my kids. There had been kids the first time and having experienced the situation I knew it was a safe place for my kids to be. There are plenty of volunteers and we stay close to the vehicles while handing out the food.

The beauty of going down there is that while, yes, there are folk in the area that are NOT happy, not happy to see us, not happy with life, not grateful, not friendly, there are 20 times more people who ARE happy to see us, grateful and friendly. Those are the people I want my children to interact with. Not just SEE. These are not people on display. These are not people to observe for a lesson. I wanted my kids to understand a part of living life that is as real as our cozy little home, nice car and restaurant meals are. I want my kids to know that there are people on Skid Row who DO NOT fall into the stereotype category of "crazy drug addict" or "dangerous outcast" or just "crazy." There are people who, for whatever reasons, are JUST THERE and they are hungry.

No judgment.

No labels.

No lessons.

No partisanship.

Just human interaction.

I'm not there yet.

But I am learning.

I am amazed and humbled by the presence of men and women down there, both from Skid Row and from our group. I have been in a protective bubble for so long. Have been so angry myself, so entitled, so judgmental, so...silently inhuman to so many humans...that I am learning too.

My kids get to take this journey with me. A journey of gratitude, a journey of reality, a journey of opening your heart up....just opening it up, letting it be wide open to everyone with a presence of love that transcends anything ever felt before and just feeling that for everyone, no matter who they are, no matter where they are, no matter what they do or say.

Oh yes. I am learning. It is days like yesterday when I realize just how small and protected and walled away my poor heart has been. I pray it keeps opening.

I pray I can continue to reach out and help others and share with them the blessings I have been given. And to continue to say THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU every single day all day long and never forget how incredibly well taken care of I have been all my life.

I would be remiss if I failed to share this: We came upon a woman with a daughter about my oldest daughter's age and two younger boys. She said she had clothes for her kids, but mostly shirts, no pants. I had just discovered that the bag of men's clothes I thought I had brought had been a bag of women's and girl's clothes. As my girls and I rummaged through the bags in the truck, we pulled out sweats for the girl, a couple things for the mom, and there was a beautiful grey sweater that I had bought Sami a couple years ago. I don't know how it made it into the bag but it wasn't intended as a giveaway. 

I started to put it back and Sami said, "no Mom, it's ok, give it to her." It was a beautiful cardigan sweater with had been her Christmas sweater two years ago. It still fit her. But the beauty of my daughter giving away a beloved sweater because she saw how much the girl needed it...THAT beauty is what I hold in my heart today with the rest of the experience. Because right there...bam...right there is why I brought them. And they GOT IT. 

I love my girls so much. They enjoyed the experience, they were exhausted after...and I am pretty positive their hearts opened up a bit more yesterday just like mine.


The crew for the 19 October run. My beautiful friends PJ and Joann are in the back along with Geoff and Frank.
All day my little heart melted when the cool cat with the liberty spikes passed by (front row, far right).
See? Punk Rock is not only NOT DEAD, but punkers have HEART. 

Joann (Jojo), my ham Hayley, Sami and I in front and other wonderful and smiling volunteers getting sandwiches prepped!

Sami (what the heck are you looking at?) me, working the food, Terri behind Sami, and GORGEOUS JOJO!!

Jojo and Hayley teaming up.

Volunteers ready to serve. Sami, Hayley and COOL LIBERTY SPIKE DUDE! I have to get his name next time. Damn.

Jojo and I loved this lady's shirt...Her name is Barbara and man, she was so pleased to get a bunch of photos taken.
We laughed about her paparazzi problem :) 
Amen sister!

My beautiful friend PJ hands a sandwich and water to a passerby as our buddy Frank looks on. This lady was so gracious and kind and thankful. She was one of many that made my day. More than made up for the lady who took a sandwich from my hand and proceeded to yell at me and the others around me that we'd better never come back there, and don't bring our food, they don't need it and I'm a bitch. That's the downside to it. And yet you keep smiling and giving away and understand and say thank you silently over and over.

Geoff (far right) and Frank handing out...
My daughter Hayley... 
This little girl was smiling so much. Her parents were very sweet.
Hayley gave them extra water because it was so hot out there...
A crew of good folk wanting to help...

My daughter Sami giving water and sandwich to a little girl. That girl and her mom and siblings were there last time. 

Geoff's beautiful, smiling daughters

Geoff getting friendly with one of the regulars. Geoff has a heart of gold. 

Jojo getting down and praying with a lady.

Geoff's daughters handing daughter Sami doing something odd with her arm...that's my girl. :)

Right here is what it's all about.

These women and children were here last time. 

My daughter Sami, another beautiful young woman and our liberty spike friend...this lady had her boombox blaring. That's me in the back preparing for.....I have no idea. Can't help it. I'm a mom, that's my kid, this is Skid Row. There were a couple times when we gathered close because some fellas across the street started screaming and yelling and cussing and we weren't sure what was going to happen. But they settled down and we just kept on.
Frank, high-fiving folk...Frank is another one with a heart of gold. And a BEAUTIFUL motorcycle. :)

Sami giving a little bit away...

Saturday, October 5, 2013

Scrubbing Bubbles Oh My!

Paid another visit to the Los Angeles County Fire Museum in Bellflower today. It was so neat (I can't use that word without thinking about Kevin Costner saying "neat" to Madonna in her documentary "Truth or Dare" and then she made fun of him for saying it.  Why does my brain do this to me? Pull idiotic trivia from the crevices and fling them forward???) to just be there. I can't really say why, but it's a place I immediately fell in love with when we visited a couple months ago.

So, my kids and I were snacking in the little room in which they have a kid's firetruck, some old helmets and turnout gear, an actual fire hydrant taken from the rubble of the Twin Towers and donated by FDNY, and a couple display cabinets full of Emergency! paraphernalia. All of which need some TLC cleaning. 

I still tear up looking at anything related to 9/11.
That will never go away.

I don't know if that's a "real" defib prop or a toy. Looks too real to be a toy...

Cool games. HEY! We've been to the REAL Station 51! Funny, they have a
model just like this there too. 

When the Vice President of the Museum came in and sat down to talk to us, I asked if they needed volunteers to help clean. He was very happy to say YES! as most of the time the people who volunteer are there to work on the amazing vehicles in the museum, not so much cleaning and dusting and scrubbing toilet bowls. So, I volunteered to do that.

What should be made very clear here is that in NO WAY am I a clean freak. I don't even like cleaning my OWN home, and have no idea WHY I would feel compelled to clean anywhere else, but as it so happens I do tend to neat-freak it up when I am out and about. I straighten pictures, wipe coffeeshop condiment counters, pick up others' trash....I guess I'm just a mom.

But it's more than that...there is something about that museum that I am drawn to and want very much to be a part of and, well, it seemed there was a need and I offered to fill it. :)

Volunteering at hospital, feeding homeless, scrubbing museum toilets....what the heck is going on with me?? 


Whatever it is it feels nice. 

I hope they take me up on it. Oh, and the girls are excited to do it too!! HAHA!! They feel the same as I do I guess. Pictures of Johnny and Roy and counters in which there are Station 51 and Emergency! toys should sparkle. No cobwebs please. 

And because our first trip was so overtaken by everything Emergency!, I didn't really post photos of the other vehicles at the museum in my first blog about LACFM. So, to make up for that, here are only a scant few other vehicles at the museum:

All three of us decided we definitely want this car :)

Apparently this vehicle had a part in Disneyland history as well! the helmets.
Oh...that's Sami's head at the bottom of the photo. She tried all afternoon to photobomb me.

On a totally random and weird side-note...I keep seeing repeating numbers all the time,
12:12, 12:21 and 7:23 (my birthday, oh my!).
So had to get a shot of Truck 23 :)

Ok. She finally got it...

Thursday, October 3, 2013

And Now For Something Completely....Useless

I haven't blogged since the heat died down. We have actually had mid-80s...EVEN mid- to high-70's temps here in California. I think I have been so euphoric about it that it bled the writing synapse thingies in my brain right dry.

So, here I am at almost 11 pm on a Thursday evening, wondering why I'm not meditating like I said I would, and knowing it's ok, I can bust out this useless post in a few and get to the woowoo stuff and no worries because today is actually my Friday. No need to go to sleep at a decent hour when you don't have to wake up at o'dark-WTF?!?!?-early.

Let the three day weekend begin!!

I have been so flippin' busy's crazy. And wonderful. Have spent a lovely amount of time catching up with my dear friend Nicole from Belgium, then tomorrow is drop the kids off, hit the gym, spiritual chitchat with friends, and hanging with the kidlets on a rare Friday with them since their dad is off doing something or other. And it just dawned on me that I STILL haven't been able to get to the hospital to get my volunteering started...I am beginning to wonder if me buying the uniform, getting the blood drawn and having a physical and attending not one but two orientations was all just a dream...Note to self: add stop by the hospital volunteer office and find out when I can work the ER lobby to tomorrow's to-do list. Geez.

Then, Saturday, for the first time since I started helping Have a Snack for Humanity feed people, I get to bring my girls in on the fun and let them help out while we feed hungry folk at a benefit. Was going to take them to the LA County Fire Museum again, but...well...we may still bust on over there after working the food table. I don't know. They said they want to go, but...we'll see.

Anyway. That's just a silly little update on a very busy life. It's good to be busy. Down time is also good, but being out there in the world and helping people is a lot better. :)

Monday, September 16, 2013

Mid September Night's-Mare

It is mid-September. In large parts of the United States – and perhaps even the World! *waggly eyebrows* –  that means lower temperatures are comin' 'round the corner. Sweaters are getting unpacked from vacuum-sealed bags under the bed. Boots are getting dusted off. Mittens are being dug out from some corner of some drawer. Fluffy soft socks are coming out of hibernation, stretching their soft, fluffy stretch to greet the cold morning.... mmmmmm.....

BUT NOT HERE IN CALIFORNIA!! (And/or Arizona, New Mexico, Nevada...yeah, yeah, I get it. But I was BORN and RAISED in Southern California...I didn't MOVE HERE...and now I'm shackled here til my kids are 18. The heat might be tolerable if the people would just move away... -_- )

Nope. Nope. Nosiree. Not here in California, Mid-September means that whatever you sit on that is anything other than absorbent terry-cloth and you're wearing shorts because it is legally required to do so when it is this darned hot, it is gonna make your butt sweat faster than a cat-burglar hiding out in a sauna. It means that you fervently pray that the hot (no pun intended) guy standing near you in the trendy restaurant doesn't see the sweat pooled on your chair when you get up to pull your clothes away from your body with a very not attractive slrrrrppppppfffffphhhhppp. 

Thank you photo guy who blinded himself taking a picture of the
blazing hot orb of death hovering in the sky just so I could purty up my blog.
It means the Super Econo Family size jar of 100+ SPF sunscreen (you think I joke?? It's in the driver side door pocket. It's got a pump top. I constantly slather my left arm and face when I drive.) needs to be refilled. It might be cheaper to spread mayo all over. 

It means running your air-conditioner at 7 p.m. because it's still 5 hundred million trillion degrees out. Orrrrrrr, 95°.

It means if you are at home watching football (and football fans in the bleachers wearing raingear or poufy vests), you might just be sitting in your underwear with your feet perched on top of an ice-block. Please to not be double dipping your, uh, chips in the...dip...

It means tossing and turning in the middle of the night because it's either 1) sweat out the mid-night nightmare or 2) face a $400 electric bill.

I was totally over all the above-mentioned crap about 2 months ago. 




Especially heat that just won't budge. Cmon world weather!! Stop with the shenanigans!! Get back to normal! Mother Nature, quit being hormonal already!! It's September and that means football season and it should mean the afore-mentioned sweaters, boots, mittens are out and ready to do their jobs!!

*sad face*

By the way, who are these people who run in 100°+ sun? Just watching them run makes me nauseous. For God's sake, WHO ARE THESE CREATURES OF THE HEAT??? Erp. I know I wrote about this very thing years ago. It still stupefies me to this day. They are evil. And from another planet. I'm sure of it.
Damn I am psychic or something.

Maybe in another time...another place...another land far, far away....maybe there the leaves are turning vibrant hues of yellow, orange and red. *Sigh*. Ours are just turning brown from too much bleedin' sun.
Because I wasn't content with JUST a picture of turning leaves. No.
I have to shove a cottage, a river, a bridge and a country dog down your throat.

Look. I'm a redhead, freckle-faced, German/Swedish/Scots-Irish girl. I've said it before but it bears repeating: I'm genetically pre-disposed to damp, mildewy climes and this...this heat is not an "Indian Summer" it is just annoying. Time to move on, hotness. Kids are in school, there's no need for this beach weather any longer. PFFT. 

Someday I'm moving to a small town in upstate New York, or Maine or Vermont. Then I will be more than happy to blog about how the locals think I'm a crazy witch and don't trust me because I'm from California and that one winter is it for me, I don't understand frozen pipes and exploding septic tanks and chopping 5 million logs and canning fruit in the summer to survive the winter and that I really do, in the end, MISS THE HOT. Erg. 

Even the deer seem to be saying, "WTF?? Turn back! GO BACK! Take us with you
by all that is holy...pleeeeeeeease...... We have shorts!"
Tsk. Always with the "greener grass," right??