Thursday, January 28, 2010

Who? ME?

Please don't read this expecting to find out I'm a cat-lady with 13 felines in my studio apartment. Yes, I have two cats, but this isn't where I'm going to spill love about kittens or teach people how to test their pusses for tapeworms. The whole Kat spiel refers to my love of rockabilly. And I'm a kitten. Most of the time.

No....this blog was initially set up in order to track my travels of my very first international trip to Ireland in April...but I'm a writer by nature and miss blogging. I used to do it all the time on Myspace. Then I grew up. That's when I was 40. Now I'm maturing into the real blog world of blogspot. We'll see how well I do. So, as intro, let me just cut and paste my bio from Facebook to kick off this little shindig:

I'm 42, a graphic designer, single mom to 2 beautiful girls whom I protect like a lioness. I'm a proud, fiery redhead, mix of German, Swedish & Scots-Irish. Genetically I can't stand SoCal weather in winter. There's something terribly wicked about wearing shorts in December.

I'm a walking contradiction: Leo/Cancer (the astrological equivalent to schizophrenia); a loner who craves contact w/humankind; born as an only brat to a world enmeshed in the dichotomy of peace and turmoil (1968); Da is a 3-piece suit conservative Republican, Ma is a psuedo hippie Dem. Drama was inevitable in my life.

Raised in the status-fettered capital of the US: Orange County, CA. Blessedly I've the wild spirit of N. California coursing rebelliously thru me as a cure to THAT malady. The open outdoors is the well from which I replenish my soul. I love camping, mostly in Big Sur.

I cherish art: written, drawn, painted, welded, sculpted, acted or heard. When I die, bury me with my iPod. I CAN take it with me, as music is the portal to all dimensions!

"I'm spiritual, NOT religious!" I searched all my life for God & gratefully realized God was there all along. Whew. I've been to the blackest, loneliest corners of me & survived the journey. I choose to live in the light these days, tho it's always good to keep the enemy close so I know where she's lurking.

My next great adventure is a trip to my beloved Ireland (and Scotland) – a place that has tugged at my heartstrings since I was a child. I'm obsessed and the only antidote is a plane ticket to Dublin, a railpass to Cong and a ferry trip to Skye.

I'm a smart girl, no one should ever think otherwise. I sit like a lady, cuss like a sailor, get lost in the beauty of a masterpiece and occasionally enjoy a nice verbal spar. I don't want to be tamed, just understand I am what I am & I walk side by side...not behind or in front of anyone. Admire & respect me, but don't patronize. NO controlling, manipulating, lying or cheating – that's grounds for immediate dismissal. Adore = Good, Obsess/Stalk = BAAAAD. My heroes are men and women who make a daily decision to help others at personal risk: Firefighters, Police, Soldiers and under-paid civil servants (aka Teachers).

I'm actually very old-fashioned and a DIEHARD romantic! I cherish intelligence, honesty, humor, respect, spirituality, passion, adventure and creativity. So let's go outside to play or stay in and read by a fire. "HE" is gonna have to share my heart with God; Love my kids as if they were his own, and I'll do the same. Dance in the street, kiss in the rain & sit in the sand under the stars talking about nothing in particular or something particularly deep. Know that the touch, smell and taste of skin is the best aphrodesiac ever. Well, along with respect, appreciation and a demmed good backrub! ;)

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