Monday, March 1, 2010

March Is Here...One Month To Go

Well, it's March 1st. I'm sure there's exciting stuff going on this month...let's see...My daughter Samantha turns 7 on the 5th...GAH!  Oh, and St. Patrick's day is coming up....wonder what I'll be wearing on that day? Hmmm.... Oh, and, apparently, on the 8th it's Commonwealth Day in Canada. Go Canucks. 

Passover is coming, Palm Sunday is coming...

But enough of that crap (well, my daughter's birthday IS a big deal...). Let's talk about ME and my trip to Ireland. Cmon!! I'm a LEO! It's always about me. first trip dream trip to's finally happening.

No, it's not happening in March. But it's close enough. I take off April 18. Fly to Kennedy Airport and switch planes, hop the pond.'s times like this I wish I could knock myself out...I hate flying. No, let me clarify that. I LOVE taking off, and I LOVE landing. And the concept of flying is fine. It's the whole physics thingy of how a big tin-can stays in the air and what happens when it breaks and I hurtle to the Earth at 50-million miles a second smashing into granular bits of nothingness because my body will explode into, well, granular bits of NOTHINGNESS on know, terror, fire, pain. THAT'S what makes me uncomfortable. That and air-turbulence. Oh, and extra large men sitting next to me, sweating and breathing through their mouths. *sigh*

Regardless....I WILL arrive in one piece and fairly dry on Monday 19 April in my beloved Dublin.

I've attempted to read The Dubliners and Ulysses in preparation, but there's just not enough time. I'll have to settle for re-watching Michael Collins and High Spirits (I'm just kidding about the High Spirits flick...don't get your knickers in a pinch).

So, I'm staying at the Arlington Temple Bar Hotel. Apparently it's in the center of Dublin's fun zone. As a girl who prefers peace, quiet and ambiance, I'd just as soon stay away from the fun zone, but considering I'll be walking a lot and the concert I'm going to is up the street, I think, for this trip, I chose wisely. Next trip I'll hit up on the romantic getaway feel...

So, the Arlington Temple Bar Hotel used to be The Parliament Hotel. Does that mean anything to you? I have no idea. I just know it looks cool. And, so they say, the St. Patrick's Day parade passes right under the windows of the hotel. Yep...I'll be missing that fun by a smidge. That's one month for all you literal people.

The hotel apparently has a doorstep upon which Dublin Castle (above), Christchurch, St. Patricks Cathedral, and Trinity College (below) sit. That's what it says on the website. And, as we all know, if it's on the internet, it's God's Truth. Point is, all this brilliant architecture and historic landmark stuff will be right in front of me, erm, the hotel...and in my book, that's even better than a parade. I'm preparing my camera and my sandals-with-socks as I type, shivering with anticipation. Tho I must say, perhaps I'm shivering because the the thought of wearing socks with sandals gives me the willies.

My biggest desires for this trip? Noooooo, I am not hoping to be swept off my feet by a wildly romantic and insanely handsome, sexy Irishman, a la PS I Love You. Haha. Nope. Not in my brain at all. Nooooo. Have I fooled you yet? Because I have almost but not quite convinced myself that's true.

Back to reality: my biggest "to do's" are (and, by the way, thanks to my friend Clio who has so graciously offered some first-hand advice on sights to visit, including the Irish Film Institute...and, no, Clio, I won't admit to owning High Spirits on DVD when I'm there. I don't want them to kick me out): 

Gotta see the Book of Kells at Trinity a Graphic Designer this book is much more than a holy relic to me...And, of course, being in the Library of Trinity College may just send me to Hermione Granger heaven...

Thunk. That's my jaw dropping. AGAIN. Could you, maybe, help me pick it up? Yep, there it is...down there...right next to my pocket protector. And protractor. Just kidding. I don't carry protractors. Math scares me. Saved from nerdom but a smidge. (that's a pinch to all know. Don't make me say it again.)

Then I want to visit the National Museum of Ireland...see the likes of the Tara intricate silver-gilt, gold and bejeweled pin created around 700 AD. Typically these types of clasps were created to hold clothing, but this is believed to be solely for decorative purposes, probably for a wealthy individual. It was found in a box by a peasant woman in 1850. Ok, wow.

Of course, my main purpose of the entire trip is seeing The Dropkick Murphys play the Olympia Theatre on 22 April. I'm so flippin' excited I can't sit still. The irony that I've booked a trip half-way around the world to see an American band play Irish punk rock in Ireland is not lost on me. Not at all. 

I don't know much about the theatre...just that it's one of the "hot" venues for music and shows in Dublin. I will be sure to give you my first-hand experience on that at a later date. Is it just me, or does this facade look like it belongs on Main Street in Disneyland? *ouch, I just heard a million Irish people scream bloody murder. Ok...not that many people read this demmed blog. Maybe one or two Irish people yelped. I KNOW I'm 98% my readership* And YES! I understand this facade has been around longer than Disneyland and it's a travesty to compare anything historical to anything in an over-priced, over-commercialized amusement park. Hey...we have our sightseeing tourist have yours...let's squash this and move on.

Of course...I have to visit Grafton Street, St. Stephen's Green, and go sit under the colorful statue of Oscar Wilde lounging in Merrion Square... So weird...I get that look so often. Huh. Weird.

But, I must say, no matter what I do or where I go, I just wouldn't be me if I missed out on the ghostly tour of Dublin with the Ghost Bus...

With that, I take my leave. I am looking forward to posting my thoughts from the streets of Dublin...6 glorious days in Dublintown. March better hurry up and finish...


  1. Anticipation really makes it hard to stay in the moment, huh.... Jane B.

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