Monday, April 12, 2010

Sexy Is As Sexy Does. What Is Sexy?

I don't typically do two blogs in a day (it HAS been done, though)...I just came across this while cleaning up some word files. I wrote this almost two years ago. I find it all to be quite as true for me today as it was then. My circumstances and relationships have changed and I initially wrote this as an Anthem spouting against my ex, but now I see it more as a guideline to remind me what I want (and don't want) in a relationship:

Self confidence is sexy. Arrogance is not.

Self-reliance is sexy. Having "be my mommy" syndrome is just plain sad.

Strength of character and emotion is sexy. Most men don't realize that has nothing to do with muscles.

With that said, muscles ARE very sexy and working out to be fit and healthy is wonderful...but there's a line that sometimes gets crossed where it becomes a complete ego-fest. Then it's a TOTAL turn-off.

Having goals and working hard to accomplish them is sexy. Cheating and taking short cuts to get there faster is repulsive and pathetic.

Facing problems and finding solutions is sexy. Avoiding truth is not.

Living life to the fullest is sexy. Doing it at the expense of hurting loved ones is selfish.

Knowing when to compromise is sexy. Prideful obstinance is not.

Action is sexy. Very sexy. Laziness is not.

Passion is soooo sexy. Obsession is not.

Understanding passion isn't always a sexual thing is also!

Outside is sexy! The couch is NOT! (Welllll....sometimes the couch is QUITE meow! ;p )

Rising to challenges and having determination are sexy. Quitting when the going gets rough is definitely NOT.

Romance is sexy. Vulnerability in the name of romance is wonderful! Neglect is deadly.

Dancing is sexy. Seriously...if more guys knew the power of taking a woman on the dance floor, every man in the world would be cutting a rug 24-7!

Goofiness – or, more, the freedom of having fun for fun sake and not caring who's watching – is so sexy.

A kooky sense of humor is sexy. Thinking you're too cool for school is not.

Shyness is also quite sexy. Maybe because I have always been shy (I cover it up with gregariousness! lol!!!). Just don't let it stop you from getting what you want. Or who you want.

Education is sexy. Ignorance is not. And I'm not just talking about college degrees.

Reading is sexy. Because knowledge is sexy. I like a man who enjoys reading a good book.

Respect is sexy. Control is NOT. I've had enough control. There is NOTHING you can do or say to change me.

Acknowledging other's feelings is sexy. Apathy is NOT cool or sexy.

Taking the time to learn something about your significant other to help you understand them is SEXY. Shouting, degrading comments, and acting like there's no problem is NOT.

Acceptance is sexy. Fixing isn't.

Honesty, even if it hurts, is sexy. Lying is pitiful.

Smiles are sexy. Scowls suck.

Cuddling and affection are VERRY sexy. Groping isn't. Grow up. Don't be a pig for God's sake.

Truly enjoying the smell and taste and feel of skin is soooooooo sexy. Sensuality can never be overrated...scent and touch is God's natural aphrodisiac. Cmon...a heartfelt caress...or massage...where the energy and focus comes right through your fingertips will leave me shaky for days! :)

Appreciation...Letting the world know how much you love your girl and want her and that she is special to you is sexy. Possessiveness is cuckoo scary.

Walking through life side by side is very sexy. Walking through life where one is leading and the other struggles to keep up is not.

Sweat from honest work is soooo damned sexy. Sweat from getting off the couch to get another beer from the fridge is NOT sexy.

A man in a button-down shirt, tie and slacks one day and in jeans and tee-shirt the next day is very sexy. A guy who always looks like he's off the skater-circuit is not. Cmon! Dress up sometimes! And LOSE THE BAGGIE PANTS! Leave 'em in the prison system, please. It's time to give up the bag.

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