Wednesday, October 6, 2010

A Lover's Prayer

I came across this in my writings. Don't know when I wrote it, but it sure fits the bill!

A Lover's Prayer
Bring my lover to me
So our Selves are enhanced by union
Let us enjoy each other's company,
Respect each other's space,
Opinions, beliefs and desires
Let us be best friends,
Passionate lovers
Respectful partners
Let us always communicate honestly as adults,
Never fight as children
And be spiritually directed,
Whole in our individual faith
So we are strong in spiritual partnership
Let us be sensual, enjoying the touch and smell of our skin
And always show appreciation and affection through caresses,
Hugs and
Holding hands.
Let us be devoted, growing old happily and harmoniously together
Let us positively augment each other's existence; never will one be absorbed by the other
Let us willingly walk similar paths
And just as willingly allow the paths to diverge, as they sometimes do,
Knowing that as we grow as individuals so will our commitment to each other become stronger as our paths intersect again.
Let sincerity, respect, laughter, love and faith be the mainstays of our pairing
Let the sex rock the house to it's foundation!