Friday, September 9, 2011

I'm Walkin'. Haha! With Help

Posting from hospital bed almost 24 hrs post-op. Last I remember of my surgery was waving goodbye to my incredibly handsome anesthesiologist (it was odd feeling like I had died and gone to heaven BEFORE going under the knife). Then I woke up in recovery waving HELLO to my incredibly handsome anesthesiologist. Alas we waved goodbye again too soon. Ahhhhhhh.....Doc Bailey....are you married?!?

Was soon wheeled to the observation unit and given pain meds. I will say that if the pain I felt was WITH pain killers you would have to shoot me if I had to go through that WITHOUT them. I dozed off and on, spoke at different intervals to my dad, my best friend (who relayed my recovery status to my boss), my ex and my girls.

As the hour of discharge came upon me I knew in my heart I wasn't going home. Even trying to shift my butt a fraction was short of impossible. Thankfully today I feel closer in pain management to what apparently most patients feel within three or four hours post-op. I have come to believe that I am 1) a pain-wuss or 2) those "other" patients are not human, but aliens from planet Imnowussbutyouare.

Last night was nigh-on brutal with two Percocet promising to put me out of pain and into sleep...two hours later I was awake and in more pain than all the previous hours put together and so Dilaudid was administered. That was a blessing that eased the pain and knocked me right the heck out. For...ohhhhhhhhhh...about three whole hours followed by fitful sleep periods of about an hour at a time. For the most part it was the itching that kept waking me up. Gotta love pain-meds.

Two things that stand out other than Doc Bailey and the pain...seriously, I honestly already feel strength and mobility in my leg and foot. Yes my back hurts - whose wouldn't after it was cut open and bone shaved away and fragments and other stuff removed. Yes my foot is still partly numb. Nerve sensation damage takes the longest to recover. the other wonderful thing is that every time a baby is born in St. Joseph's Hospital, they play lullaby music on the intercom. Say what you will about the world today, every time I hear that lullaby music I smile. Big.

So, like I already said I am feeling much better this morning. IV hookup is gone - though the IV is still in my hand (ewwwwww) and I am going to order breakfast soon. I could be on my deathbed and still want a sandwich for Pete sake. Honestly if I am sick and lose my appetite something is really, really wrong. Anyway if all goes well I will be home by noon.

With a walker. Yep. I just bought myself s $100 walker. Ehh? Whasssat yeh say?? Mold? No there's no mold here! This is a durned hospital!! * dang-fool whipper-snapper..*

Addendum: I am home now at my parent's and comfy in my old room...have everything I need and can move around pretty well. Need to not overdo it though. Using that gull-durned walker tho...I have ventured forth without it and am a little shaky. Even missed the mark on leaning toward something and kinda wrenched my back ever-so-slightly. So it is walker time at least for a week they said.

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