Friday, November 11, 2011

Dork Out

I hate when I do this. Life gets busy and my writing suffers.  I have little time, even as I type this, to do any deep writing. Or, as I stated in my last blog, a review of some of the amazing music I have been listening to (Exene Cervenka's "The Excitement of Maybe", John Doe's "Keeper", and Zander Schloss and Sean Wheeler's "Walk Thee Invisible"). I kind of visited those a bit in the last blog, but I really wanted to get into a true review and just haven't been able to sit down with the music and write.

I kind of get "inspired" to write. I don't sit every day at a computer with a publishing document open with the intention of writing something witty, intelligent, profound or life-altering. HA! As if. I just sort of get a bug up my arse to write something and then craft it and post it. So maybe a month (or two) will go by before I get inspired to write something worthwhile.

So I feel like, well, all 9 of my followers (mwah! we are a small, loving group, yes??) deserve at least to get an update even if it is a bunch of empty tripe about writer's block.

Is that egotistical? Yeah. Pretty much everything about me is about me. You know what I mean?

Even if you're not interested, I am writing this for myself for the most part I suppose. Life is ok. Struggling with loneliness. Struggling to close not just a chapter in my life but an entire book. The irony of everything I have just written hit me just now. Struggling with "writer's block" and struggling to open a new book and start writing the next phase of my life.

If this is too esoteric for you, it's ok. Because it's kind of goofy ethereal to me too. But that's what's happening.

On another note, I found my book of poems that I wrote 15 years ago and will get down to getting them in digital format so they aren't "lost" again. I guess I'll post some of the (what I consider to be) better ones here. I'll see. It's ok for me to journal and open my heart to you in just blah blah blah blog writing, but to post something where I'm exposing my heart and mind in an "artistic" format is a bit scary.

I'm a dork.

Ok. Dork out.

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  1. I've hit a block with real life blogging. I attempted doing NaNoWrimo and hit a block with with that too... so I've taken to living in fiction for a wee while lol


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