Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Nothing New Here

How sad is it to blog that nothing is going on?? Actually, I am so busy these days that maybe I should say too much is going on. I'm just one busy mom, juggling work, kids, single-life, commitments, health, name it.

I am grateful for the life I have been given. I seem to be on the upswing of the funk I was falling into last Christmas. It seemed all my coping skills were slipping away. Thankfully, I have learned to recognize the place I don't want to be back at, so took appropriate measures to get myself into shape. I have to say that all the pain and heartache, all the sorrow, all the difficult times that I have gone through in the last four years seem to finally showing how they've shaped me as a woman. I feel like I am standing up for myself more, have more confidence, more understanding of what is important and what is just fodder for someone else's sad journal. Or sad journey. Either way, I am too damned busy to get walked all over by the bad times. I take action today and don't worry about the future. And, when a moment of that familiar panic hits where I DO let "The Future" and all its What Ifs descend upon me, I remind myself of where I am right now, this moment, and that the fear is just that: Fear. It isn't real. The Fearful thing hasn't happened (and in my experience, most of the things I fear either never happen, or don't happen a fraction as bad as I imagined).

So, that's where I am at today. I hope to blog more interesting stuff than this in the future. I guess this little piece of fluff is my way of saying to the world I'm not dead! I still like to write! I just don't have time right now!

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  1. So happy to hear that you've emerged from that tunnel :)


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