Saturday, September 15, 2012

Instacrack Invasion!

Well. It's been a huge summer technologically speaking. First I go out and get myself a shiny new computer (from which I have already had a flippin' keyboard key pop off...Seriously Apple?????) and then my blackberry got stolen.

Let's have a moment of silence to say Thanks to the Good Lord Above. Halle-LUUUU-jah! *Gospel singing, dancing and clapping included!*

And I swear. I SWEAR, it really got stolen. Or lost. And not on purpose lost. Truly lost. It was just a happy coincidence. Really. 

Nice guy at my service store got me – FINALLY – into a shiny new droid phone. BOOYAH!!

So you know what that means. INSTAGRAM!!!

See, I'm a pretty artsy chick. I'm a graphic designer, a closet-costume designer, blogger and now thanks to Instagram, I have a way to share my other arty passion: photography.  I have taken various photo classes in the past: long, long ago in high school and junior college far, far away...back in the days when they had things called Dark Rooms and Film Strips. And you had to manually create your photos in said dark room and one usually took about 30 minutes to go through the whole strip/chemical/burn/chemical process.

Now we have stuff like Photoshop, which still actually requires some level of expertise if you want to really create a good artistic piece from an image, and Instagram, which requires very little of any kind of knowhow except an ability to press a few buttons.

*Side note. Let me just express, IMHO, that all the photoshopping in the world won't make up for true artistic talent with a camera. It's my job to process photos and I know for a fact there are photographers who think miracles can be achieved post-production. You know what? A crappy photo is a crappy photo no matter how much you fix levels, apply filters and healing-brush stuff out. Photoshop can be used to take an already great photo to create a great artsy photo, but I honestly miss the days where photography was a true art (thank you Ansel Adams). Today's technology has created a world of photogwanabees, perhaps me included. I'm not saying my photos herein are anything spectacular, they are fun with filters through a no-brainer app.  I am just trying to point out real photography is an art and a craft and not everyone with photoshop or Instagram is an artist or craftsman. Ok. Rant done. *

So, with that out of my head,  here are some examples of the photo-styling I've been up to lately. Yay or nay on my photographic ability, this is just for fun. I like my pictures. I guess that's good enough. 

(BTW, I wish I had made a note of the filters I used, but I didn't...oops)

Old barracks at Camp Roberts, CA
Taken during a trip to the PX on base. The place was deserted everywhere, but the old barracks area looked especially desolate. I love the weathered, tired, abandoned look. This place reeks of historic energy. I could just imagine generations of soldiers traipsing around.

Pioneer Heritage Museum, Paso Robles, CA
I love colored glass and I especially love bottles displayed like this. 

Girls and Their Castles
A December visit to Disneyland and Sleeping Beauty's Castle. No filter used on this. I love the colors. 

Souplantation Cookies
What can I say? It's dessert on a colorful plate with a harsh Instagram filter. 

Old Mazda
My car dealership regularly rotates classics. This was one I saw just this morning.

Summer Metaphor
My mom and dad's table out on their deck. Considering it has regularly been in the 100s temperature-wise, no one has used the outdoor dining in quite awhile. 

Gazing Ball
Again, I like the metaphor of this dusty old gazing ball and the sparse herb stalks behind it. I'm in that gazing ball if you look closely. 

Bougainvillea Getty Center
If you get a chance to visit the gardens at The Getty Center in Los Angeles, take advantage of the opportunity. Beautiful architecture, beautiful art, beautiful flora. 

Girls at Getty Villa
This is in the renovated "backyard" of the original Getty museum in Malibu, CA, which is now referred to as The Getty Villa.  They have created a greek amphitheater area in the back. The Villa is truly astounding, both in its architecture and it's art collection.

Old Bench
Back to Mom and Dad's yard. This is an old kiddie bench that has cracked and dried after years of sitting in the California weather. Considering the heat wave we've had lately, this is right in line with the other "dry and hot" photos I took in mom and dad's backyard. 

Halloween Party 2011
At my friend's fast-becoming legendary Halloween party in Lake Arrowhead, CA.  

New Firefox
I uploaded this because this perfectly captures the spirit of my parent's frickin' Chihuahua named Mocha. The only time I might get a good photo of her is if she's asleep. Otherwise it is a whirlwind opportunity.

Took this early morning shot of the Newport Beach, CA pier while getting some quiet time in before a scuba-diving trip over to Catalina, CA. 

I love irony. Thus, this photo of a hotel entrance in Old Quebec City, Quebec, Canada. What can I say, I have a naughty mind.

First Instagram Photo
My first attempt at using Instagram. I like it even though my kids hate it. Whatever. I like the retro feel. 

Daughter One
My sweet Samantha. 

Daughter Two
And my sweet Hayley.

My lovely addiction. 

Sun on Sun
A suncatcher globe in mom and dad's backyard. 

Perfect Instant
Aboard the USS Lane Victory in Long Beach, CA. I snapped this shot right at the moment a gust of wind picked up my daughter's hair. I had no idea what I had til I saw it later.

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