Saturday, March 30, 2013

Thank you Kirsten Hart

I was so pleasantly surprised to find a comment from Kirsten Hart who nominated my blog for a Liebster Award. I copy and pasted her directions and questions and spent about two hours finding  blogs that weren't family/baby/class oriented (jeesh, there's a LOT of those kind of blogs here!!) and everything was set, links were up, graphics in place....and then it posted wonky and in the end the TWO (yes, two) drafts I had both got deleted.


I would love to nominate the bloggers all over again, and answer the questions Kirsten asked and come up with fun questions for my bloggers to answer...but TWO hours gone, pfffft, just like that.


I can't at this time. My foot is asleep, brain is mushy and my butt hurts and....and....two hours. Gone. Maybe later? But right now I have to go outside and breathe fresh air and talk to humans.

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  1. I had the same issues with finding blogs and I sooooooooo wish I had used Kirk or Picard...BTW it's Picard. Zoe


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