Wednesday, April 3, 2013

C is for CARRIER

My Facebook friends will know exactly what this is all about. Today I took my girls down to San Diego, California, to go back to the USS Midway Museum.
The Midway in action. 

We went there last year and spent about 4 hours and only saw two of the main decks (Hangar and Flight...and the Bridge tour). So, we went back today to see all the rest. Anyway, it was an amazing experience since I have not only been fascinated by Firefighters all my life (see Emergency! I'm on Fire Put ME Out for an explanation of THAT obsession), but also of anything military.

I think it stems back to my love of classic movies and big band. I was the only 11 year old I knew of that asked for and received a Glenn Miller double album for Christmas. This, in an age when The B52s had Rock Lobster on the charts. I fell in love with everything WWII era. My all time favorite war flick, among the many I love, is "Battleground."

I whole-heartedly embraced the propagandist romance of the time so walking the decks of a classic aircraft carrier with such a rich history really is always a treat. Which is a weak statement considering the subject. For better information, check out this website: USS Midway History and of course the museum link above (and here, for ease and comfort).

On a personal note, my granddad, Thomas P. Chryst, was a fighter pilot in WWII and later was part of Strategic Air Command. I loved granddad and am proud of him. I wish I had more photos of him from those days. His crew was in the film "Strategic Air Command" but grandpa couldn't be in it because he was taller than Jimmy Stewart. I don't know if that's just a family tale, but it's a cool story regardless. Grandpa had style, that's for sure:


Grandpa deserves three photos.
AND he'd turn over in his grave if he knew
I posted this photo with his middle name.
Grandpa always went by "Chris."

As for visiting the venerable carrier, the moment I walk on board, sight of all the classic planes and helicopters gets my adrenaline pumping. And the smell...the smell of oil and machinery and the workings of something so massive is almost intoxicating. I'm weird, I know.

Also, you may or may not know that the Midway was used in the filming of the movie "Top Gun". Remember that flick..with guys like Tom Cruise, Val Doesn't ring a bell?? Here let me remind you:
Oh...that's just Rick Rossovich. 




I really think Tom is overrated so I won't post a picture. I adore Val Kilmer so I will post a picture, but he is so flippin' annoying as Ice in Top Gun, I think I'll just show this:
That's Val as Madmartigan in "Willow".


Oh...and just so I can show how brilliantly my mind's this for 6 degrees: The Midway was in Top Gun, Ric Rossovich was in Top Gun, Ric Rossovich was also in another fave flick: "Roxanne" with Steve Martin...
Do these people NOT understand the need for hot men to be
shown in TURNOUT GEAR?? Tsk.
...And Ric's character in that movie was a FIREMAN.


Oh, and you're welcome:

I want to be hugged by that! :)

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