Thursday, April 4, 2013


D is for desperate because I love coffee. I love coffee like ... like I love Firemen and uniforms and retro anything. And shoes. Oh, and my kids. I mean, I love my kids more than coffee. Most days.

But this morning I awoke to: no coffee. I used the last of my coffee yesterday. In all my running around I didn't even take the time to replenish my

A professional would never had let that happen.

*bows head in shame

And I was even at the store. Getting other necessities like food. Pssht. What was I thinking.

Normally I would just go over to Starbucks. But my kids are asleep and contrary to popular belief I actually think of other people's welfare before mine. Occasionally. I'm not about to say "Mommy will be right back" and then have the house explode.

The good news is, I had a scant few whole beans. I don't have a grinder (I tossed that out when I moved recently. I believe I may have been on crack that day) but I have plastic storage bags and a meat tenderizer.

The end result is that a desperate redhead will do almost anything for coffee:

Caveman coffee. THEY didn't have grinders either.
The irony that I woke one of my children with the pounding, which made a trip to Starbucks provocatively near, is not lost on me. She, alas, went back to sleep *after shaking her head at me* and I had to move forward with plan b. Starbucks. So close...soooooo close.

Here's to dirty water with cream. Cheers.


  1. Y'know as much as I dislike coffee (sacriledge I know) I do appreciate your pain.

  2. Dude, way to make do. When the zombie apocalypse happens, I'm coming to your house (with a supply of coffee).

  3. Zoe...I appreciate the empathy! LOL!

    M.A.D.: Dude...I have a cricket bat and a plan to meet at the Winchester if the zombie apocalypse happens!!


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