Friday, April 5, 2013

E is for Excited!

I am happy. This weekend is a little more special than normal. I am excited because I have some folks in my life that are positive thinkers, there to support each other, offer love and kindness and truth (even if it is a little painful occasionally) and just generally strive to maintain happiness in their lives despite life's  little setbacks.

I read a short article talking about the kind of people who find negative in a situation and complain, versus people who understand a situation may appear negative, but find a way to see something positive in it. These people don't see situations as problems, but as challenges. I like that.

Tomorrow I get to spend time eating and chatting with some really amazing women who have walked me through some seriously painful times in my life. I am really excited about my girl time because these are some wonderful friends. And tonight, well, tonight I get to sit down and talk to someone who seems to have a lot of the same philosophies I do, and I am excited about that too. :)

Life is good. Hey...E is also for EXCELLENT!

Talk to you tomorrow–


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