Saturday, April 6, 2013

F is for Faire!

As in the Renaissance Pleasure Faire!! It's coming! It's coming! A place where you can go back in time, dress up, generally be a wench whilst watching knights joust...have a pint of mead, gnaw on a ginormous turkey leg, sing with minstrels...just basically have a rousing good time.

It has been 9 or 11 years since I last went to the Faire...can't remember if I was pregnant with my first or second child. I didn't dress up...I was dressed in regular maternity clothes and sick with the heat of the day. But in years previous, I attended decked out in my full "merchant's daughter" costume and had fantasies of knights wooing me (ohhh, they never did) and being kissed by a handsome stranger on The Kissing Bridge (ohhhhh, THAT did happen. I knew running back and forth on that thing all day long would pay off eventually).

So. This year? I may try to scrounge a costume together and walk the dusty trail to the bawdy gates of Faire and lose myself entirely for a few hours. I wonder who will be my Champion and will I get kissed by such a gentle man? :)


  1. I've always wanted to go to a renaissance fair but never have. Maybe one of these days...

  2. Oh Heidi, it is a lot of fun. :) Do yourself a favor and go and have fun.


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