Monday, April 8, 2013

G is for Got Nothing

Today has been difficult and I was all ready to go to sleep when I remembered not posting a blog today. So, here I am with "nuffin'" for you. Oh, I can spout on and on about To Thine Own Self be True being a sometimes lonely and difficult path to follow, immature people who say one thing, but when you follow through with your intention, they tear you a new one. Actually, a new word was introduced to me today: Bloviate (too bad it starts with a B) speak verbosely or windily.

All day I fielded bloviated vitriol from someone who didn't like my course of action in staying true to myself, even though I distinctly recall hearing the words "I cannot control what you do, I accept that you are feeling this way, and you do what you need to." They were replaced with words like "get your compass pointed in the right direction" "you're a mess" doesn't matter.

G is for Good Night and here's to a better tomorrow.

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