Thursday, April 11, 2013

I and J are for I'M JOLLY Well Happy!

I was all ready to post something about "I" as in "I almost forgot to post a blog tonight" only to find out I almost forgot to post a blog tonight AND I DID forget to post a blog last night.

Since the word didn't explode, since my computer didn't disintegrate, since I didn't get a nasty finger-waggle by the A-Z Blog Challenge police, maybe, just maybe I am ok. What can I has been a busy two days.

Hell, my life is busy period. Work, school, community commitments, a new beau (whom I am flippin' smitten over but that is all I am saying. Not laying this one on the table til I am sure of what cards I'm holding. There's something about this one...and it's nothing for the world to know. Just yet). 

Anyway, it's a good thing that I have a fulfilling life to have as an excuse to miss a post. I'd much rather miss a post for that than to miss one for being too depressed or tired or eff-it about. No. Life is decidedly good and so for tonight let's leave this at being content in all areas. Home, work, kids, love, health...I am blessed and jolly well grateful!! Oh!! There's my title!! I was going to call this I and J are for I like I'm Jolly. :)

(It's true. I haven't been able to stop smiling for some time now (with the exception of a couple short-term challenges that I have walked through.)


  1. very sweet! Its nice to read someone so content!

  2. That sounds like an awesome reason to miss a post.
    As the co-host in charge of the Linky List, I promise you will receive no finger waggling!
    And don't forget to turn off word verification during the Challenge.

  3. Good for you. Keep smiling and enjoying. :-)
    Short Story Ideas &
    Just Ermie

  4. Alex, thank you! I thought I had disabled it. It should be disabled now. Kirsten, thank you :) back at you.


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