Sunday, April 14, 2013

K is for KULER!

Kuler is a color-matching site by Adobe that was introduced to me by a fellow graphic designer. The color themes are created by registered members to be shared as inspiration, a jumping-off point or straight-up use in projects requiring color. Frankly, what projects these days don't require some kind of color use at one point or another? From building ship models to PowerPoint® projects, anyone involved in a creative endeavor is going to need to use good color to pop the job.

Kuler's landing page

You can scroll through the myriad combinations by favorites, most recent, ratings, etc. Once you click on a theme panel, you can click the slider iconto access a slider, color wheel, and other tools to find all sorts of variations of the color panel to see what works for you.

I'll admit, it might look a little daunting if you are not used to using programs such as Photoshop®, but if you allow yourself to just play around and let loose, you may be surprised what jumps out at you for the answer to your color quandry!

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