Sunday, April 14, 2013

L is for LOVE! (NOT!!!)

Ah, love.


I'm not talking about love today.

Have you seen the rest of my blog? The whole thing spans the breathtaking, knee-shaking, dream-inducing effects of being in love to the gut-wrenching heartache of rejection and not-meant-to-be romance. I have written about how music and movies can shape our romantic souls or damn them forever.

I'm sick of writing about love. For now. Quick reminder that I'm an incurable romantic, so I'm pretty sure love is going to spring up again. Probably sooner than later. I'm telling you, there's this guy...

So. What can I write for "L" if I'm not giving in to ubiquitous LOVE?

Mmmm. Nummy. Perfect in tea or sprayed across greens on a dinner plate. Plus they are a lovely color.

I see nothing wrong with lazy. If you are NOT lazy 6 days a week, it's perfectly ok to be lazy on a day of your choosing. It is advisable, if you work, that the day you choose is NOT a day your boss expects you to be not lazy. I know. It seems so silly. *closes eyes, nods knowingly.

I have nothing nice to say about this. Or bad. It was not a good word choice.

I don't even know what this means.

Ooooooh. Bad. BADBADBAD.

Aw, tricksy Norse God Loki. He's a problem child, isn't he? I hate to dilute the true mythology of this guy, but I am going to. So, as quick and totally misguided reference, think "The Mask" with Jim Carrey or "The Avengers" with Tom Hiddleston (Loki), Chris Hemsworth, Robert Downy, Jr., Jeremy Renner, Samuel L. Jackson, Scarlett Johansson (There's one for the guys. You're welcome.), etc. Did I mention Chris Hemsworth?  (here I go again):

Hemsworth as temporary Captain Kirk in "Star Trek", left, and right,
as Thor (in "Thor" which was precursor to "The Avengers").
I'm not a chickflick kind of girl. I think you can see why.
For the record, this is the ONLY Kirk I'll toss Picard over for.

Hemsworth makes the most of that muscle shirt in "The Avengers."
I also realize I have no Loki photos. Know what? My blog. My stolen photos. SSHUUUUUSHHHHH.


Ok, final word of the post...

I don't think this needs a definition.

Parting shot. CAUTION. Your heart might explode:

Hot guy cradling his daughter.

P.S. Pffft. I think LUST has a pretty strong chance in the running for this list...

P.S.S. Lachrymose: to be weepy. Of course. Why am I not surprised? How ironic. And, oh, one really thought I'd let a word like that go by without being looked up, right? Word nerd. That's me.


  1. what a fun post. I am such an avenger fan. Ya gotta love a Norse god.

  2. Fun, fun post... love your writing style, it's fresh and interesting!


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