Monday, April 15, 2013

M is for MUSIC

Music. I've written about it a lot here. It is as integral to my daily living as breathing. I cannot imagine a world without music. In my post "Try The Chicken For God's Sake" from July 29, 2011, I write about how, growing up, my folks introduced me to a wide spectrum of music, both recorded and through attending theater productions. I am very grateful to have been given an outlet for everything I am, what I feel. It is a language of the universe and of the heart – of the SOUL – and it allows us to connect not only with ourselves but others. I revisited that post today, and I still believe in what I wrote about music to this day, and hopefully for many days to come:

"Music is a thread and it binds us....If we are moved by a sound, whether it's the angry rants of Linkin Park, the haunting emo tunes of Evanescence, the sweet melodies of Vince Gill or the trumpeting ooompaooompa of some AM station Mexican band, WHO CARES!!! I just know music has the superpower of reaching into your soul, grabbing hold of the bits and parts, rearranging them and then, when the song's over you are somehow changed. Forever. And to limit oneself to only one genre is like paying 30 bucks for a Vegas buffet and only eating the tater tots."

Music has the power to transform. And process. And heal. I am so very grateful for those with the talent to create music whether it be through writing, singing or playing instruments. When I am asked what super-power I would like to have, I always say "Singing" :) 

Music is a gift. It is not rare, nor is it fragile. But it should be cherished as if it was the rarest and most fragile resource we have on this planet. 

Thank you to the troubadours and string pluckers, the key-plunkers and sonnet-writers and note-hummers and all who can provide the magic of music. Some of us truly appreciate it. 


Talk to you tomorrow.



  1. This was a lovely piece about music that left me smiling. I loved the comment about eating only tatertots at the buffet, I've always wondered how a person can choose just one kind of music to listen to exclusively. It was so nice that you acknowledged that music is a gift and thanked the people who bring this wonderful stuff to us. Great post!


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