Wednesday, April 17, 2013

O is for Opera

Opera - as I mentioned in my M is for MUSIC post, I was raised to appreciate all kinds of music. I was introduced to classical music early on, though I do not know exactly when, where or how I learned to love opera. 

Of course, I remember, you know, Bugs and Elmer's epic operatic cartoon "What's Opera, Doc?" ("Kill tha Wabbit! Kill tha Wabbit!!") *laughing!!!! 

HAHAHHAHAAA.... you HAVE to love this stuff.

Or Vivian in "Pretty Woman" being mesmerized by the beauty on stage below her. I do have early childhood recollections of seeing and hearing Beverly Sills on television, and of course, Luciano Pavarotti...

Somewhere along the way I just grew to love the power and the passion that is evoked within me when I hear opera. Everything from the classics to contemporary, though I'd lose a bet were I to Name that Tune or Composer. I suck at movie quotes too. Thank GOD for Google.

I must admit though, I will never forget the feeling I had when I first heard Andrea Boccelli sing. I had never heard of him and his performance was being aired on PBS one night and I remember stopping in my tracks. His voice - so crystalline, so pure - it moved me to tears. I mean that literally. It was so kitschy. I didn't realize I was crying and had stopped breathing until I found myself awakening to a deep involuntary breath that forced me back to reality. The man's voice transported me for a moment. Oh, to sit in an Italian amphitheater someday and listen to him sing. It gives me shivers just sitting here recalling his voice. My favorite song? (Con te Partiro aside) "Ave Maria". I also love his duet with Celine Dione called "The Prayer." Not opera, but it's worth a shout out. It's a song that's on my "Inspire" playlist. 

Then along came Paul Potts. Any time I want to get a surge of gratitude and FEEL GOOD rush going, I just youtube "Paul Potts First Audition" on Britain's Got Talent. See...I just watched it when I went there to get the link and I am freakin' crying. I love this man. What an amazing story. And who doesn't love seeing Simon get his smirky little face turned upside down in true amazement. I love that clip like I love my coffee. Well. No, I don't love that clip with cream and sugar in a large mug, but it's the sentiment I'm talking about.

Ok. It's late. Enough out of me. My kids and I are headed to bed to watch Emergency! :)

Talk to you tomorrow!


  1. THere is a Verdi opera I just cannot get enough of and for the life of me I cannot remember the name...Im going to google right now. Nice post! OH and I loooooooooove Johnnie Gage!

  2. I love opera too, and opera singers... We have this CD where the diva Natalie Choquette takes on various music genres (well, mostly different operas and traditional songs), and her voice is just gorgeous.


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