Saturday, April 20, 2013


Again, living life has superceded my blog writing. But hey, I've blogged more this month than I have in the three years I've been at this corner of blogspot. (Have I mentioned I'm not great at math?)

Anyway, isn't the point of this challenge to get the creativity flowing? Get us to come up with something we might not normally write or photograph or draw or create?

I have to admit that I was having a difficult time coming up with a Q post. I thought of doing something funny like come up with "Different Definitions for Q Words, like Quartermaster: The guy with the change machine belt at a beer pong game." Or, doing "Interesting Star Trek Characters: Q" (what can I say? It was a stretch at best).

Then, as I began to type and think of that guy's name who played Q (John de Lancie), I realized I had to also come up with an R post. ARGH. No pirate pun intended.

R isn't so bad to come up with a topic, but Q? Really? Q??? How many bloggers wrote about Quantum Physics or Quays or Quarterflash??? (I haven't looked. I will. Um..later...)

Anyway, then Quality Reality came to mind. My reality might not be your reality, but I like my reality these days, even with the low points. Reality these days is kind of crazy cool. Although this began as a rough week, the aftermath has been a blessing in disguise. Something happened that I have not experienced before: I became my own Champion, my own Advocate, and more importantly I spoke up without being defensive or aggressive. I started the week heartbroken, but it has ended with hope because I had the dignity and courage to say I'm worth you taking the time to hear this, because YOU are worth taking the time to stand up and fight for. So, I found my true voice and I may have found more as well. I think I will keep the details in my heart and my head because they are too special to dilute here.

Reality before my divorce and spiritual path of the last five years was not quality. It was black and hopeless and lonely, full of self-loathing and fear. Today my core happiness peers through even in moments of sadness and loss. Today I have come to a point where my outsides and my insides match. And if it isn't enough for some, it's damn well good enough for a lot of others, especially me. And that is definitely QUALITY reality.

Oh, and for a parting shot:


Talk to you tomorrow!


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  1. Thank you for visiting my little corner of the world; I hope you will return often. Yes...LOL....Q was difficult for me as well. I even added a personal challenge to this challenge by grabbing a dictionary and randomly pointing at a word under the letter category just to make it harder on myself (WHY do I do these things???).....but Q was hard...I admit I went through several random points before settling on quote. Good luck with the rest of the challenge. See you soon.


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