Sunday, April 21, 2013

S is for Smorgasbord

I'm just going to do another list of favorite things that begin with S. Totally random, not pre-thunk :) , short and sweet (Aha!! Two S words right there!!)

"Skylark" Johnny Mercer and Hoagy Carmichael wrote this song in 1941 and I have been in love with it for at least a couple decades. Of course, I love Ella's version of it, but if you haven't heard Aretha Franklin's or kd lang's versions, please check them out. I love the lyrics and the way these ladies sing the song give me goosebumps every time:

Have you anything to say to me?

Won't you tell me where my love can be?
Is there a meadow in the mist
Where someone's waiting to be kissed?

Oh skylark

Have you seen a valley green with spring?
Where my heart can go a journeying
Over the shadows and the rain
To a blossom covered lane

And in your lonely flight

Haven't you heard the music in the night?
Wonderful music
Faint as a will o' the wisp
Crazy as a loon
Sad as a gypsty serenading the moon

Oh skylark

I don't know if you can find these things
But my heart is riding on your wings
So if you see them anywhere
Won't you lead me there
Oh skylark
Won't you lead me there?

Sisters – as an only child I longed for a sibling to hit, play and get in trouble with. I longed mostly for someone in whom I could confide and be close to. I am so grateful God graced me with two beautiful daughters. They don't always get along, but they always love each other and no matter how many times I say "be grateful for each other" when they are going at it, I know in my heart of hearts they will someday understand what I have been shouting and rolling my eyes about all these years. :)

Solitude/Silence – To piggyback above, as an only child I had a lot of solitude/silence. Today I cherish my alone time where I can do what I want (or nothing at all). It is invaluable for me to relax and replenish and renew. Of course, solitude in moderation is best.

Sensuality – mmmmmm. Sensual. The very word makes me tingly. I'm a touchy-feely person. But sensuality goes just beyond the tactile sense, it is smell and the taste as well. If there is someone I am interested in because I have visually or intellectually connected with them, at some point my senses of touch, taste and smell must be heightened otherwise it's like going to dinner with my dad. You know what I mean?  I have had dates like that. Great guys, handsome, smart and funny, but the electricity of the touch wasn't there. My senses weren't on tactical alert. These guys didn't give me that jolt, that rush, when their hands wrapped around my waist in a greeting hug. Or the parting hug. Or any other attempt at touch in between. If it isn't there, they are just gonna be my friend. Because I don't recall EVER having it not there then miraculously it is. But if that electricity DOES happen, and I tuck my head into his chest or neck and smell his skin and feel his arms and his hands around me, if I get a small taste of creates a headiness and a craving to see him again. Very soon. And on the rare occasion when all this has happened with a wonderful, handsome, intelligent, positive, ambitious, funny, goofy guy...I have just won the jackpot. ;)

Smart is Sexy – Speaking of all that stuff up above there...Smart is infinitely sexier than brawny. Caveat though, as I think I have made it perfectly clear that I enjoy the gym-rat type of guy, I will say that if you mix brawn with brain, it is a potent combination. One that will make me yours. Alllll yours. Talk nerdy to me while you lift that barbell baby. But if you lift that barbell and can't spell cat, or treat me like a lady, then, sorry. You could be the most gorgeous man in town, but you will hold no sway over ME. Muscles must be accompanied by smartypantsism.

"Say it ain't so" and "Serious as a heartattack" – I don't know why, I just love those two S phrases. LOL!! And I say them a lot. Usually laced with a heavy dose of sarcasm.

SARCASM!! – my last entry of the night. I was taught sarcasm by watching Monty Python as a child. Who could ask for better than that?? If only I had a British accent... But again with the caveat: there is a time and place for everything. Well-placed sarcasm is brilliantly funny. But sarcasm for sake of it, tinged with anger or cruelty? No thanks. That type of delivery only makes one look the fool. And sad. And rather a judgmental git.

Ok. Goodnight, talk to you tomorrow!

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  1. I have a sarcastic wit that I seem to have inherited from my mother. The only difference is that I'm normally humerous with my sarcastic one-line responses whereas my mum can be quite cutting with her sarcasm.

    A lot of people think that sarcasm is the worst for of wit. I think it's in the delivery and the perception of the receiver.


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