Thursday, April 25, 2013


Weight Watchers – I am very happy to plug this powerhouse weight loss program. I have never, ever been one to go on and off diets and try this and try that...and I certainly NEVER wanted (or want) to pay for processed food to be delivered to my door and popped in a microwave morning, noon and night. What does that teach me? Certainly not how to eat real world food, eat real life ways. I am certain those other programs work for people, but for how long? What happens when you want to eat something REAL...or expenses need to be trimmed? What would I have learned about eating when Momma Craig ain't there to spoon-feed me anymore?

In August 2012 I was desperate for a change. The year prior I had been working out and trimming up after a long "battle" to lose the baby fat I put on after the births of my two daughters. I had been working out, eating ok, but then minor back surgery blew it all out of the water for me. I kind of went nuts and gave up on ever getting back to a physical form that I was happy with. Result: I ate whatever I wanted whenever I wanted and stopped working out and ballooned. By last August, I was miserable and willing to make a real change in my life.

I went to the WW meeting we had at the office (did you know Weight Watchers can help you set up office meetings? A half-hour a week at lunchtime, that's all), signed up and weighed in.

I started using the points system that very next day, tracked everything, and became committed to changing my eating habits, including giving up diet soda. The next week I weighed in a couple pounds down.

And, with the exception of a few "up" weigh-ins (hey, that's life), I steadily and HEALTHILY lost over 41 pounds. Today I weigh close to what I was back in my mid-20s, a time when I was the most  physically fit in my life. And quite shapely with nice curves and lots of muscle. Not saying I'm actually to that point, but on the other hand, I don't have an urgent need to go there either. I guess I should say I have a realistic idea of the differences between a twenty-something who hasn't had kids and is very active, versus a mid-40s mommy of two who gets paid to sit on her butt all day. Considering the conditions, I'm doing pretty well. :)

Today I work out close to what I was capable of before my back surgery. The beauty of WW is that when I am having a bad back day or week, I know that by using the points system I can track my eating and don't need to "sweat" the missed workouts.

I am happier within my body than I have been in years. The best thing is that I LOVE the way I eat. And, yes, I indulge in almond butter, chocolate, cake, etc., I just don't overdo it. I have added a lot more fresh fruits and veggies to my daily eating and I still haven't had any soda (diet or otherwise) since September 2012.

I feel good, inside and out. I feel beautiful, sexy and powerful. I owe a huge part of that to Weight Watchers.

Goodnight friends.
Talk to you tomorrow.


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  1. This is one of the most "real person-real life" testimonies I've ever heard for Weight Watchers, it sounds like it was just right for you, and helped you make the life changes that need to happen to keep the lost weight off... good for you, these are lifetime habits you will pass on to the kids!


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