Monday, May 6, 2013

What's Behind the Door

I have just joined Pinterest. Aside from the Pinewbie obsession of catching up with the rest of the world by populating almost 20 boards with over 1,100 pins in one week (I'm really a sick person in many, many ways), I have been reminded of something: as I scan through myriad photos of beautiful places, I gravitate to, like and pin a lot of photos that lead you into the unknown.

Whether it is a stairway, pathway, bridge, door or window...if it's a portal to something unseen, there is a sense of mystery and adventure that gives me a chill when I see it. I have taken many photos (of which I can't seem to find right at this moment. That is so "of COURSE!!" of me) in my trips and travels and outings in life. I am naturally drawn to the lines and curves of walkways that lead to...where? Doors, maybe slightly ajar...maybe shut tight against the world, obscuring....what? Who? 

Hallways, aisles...anything that draws me in, simply beckons me to participate in the thrill of what is just around the corner, behind the closed door.

Bookman Books in Orange, CA. Bookish heaven on Earth.
With rows and rows of used books. 

A private entrance/exit from a grand home to the
beach below, Laguna Beach, CA.

A beautiful Georgian style facade, in
Old Quebec City, Quebec, Canada.

A portion of a trail above Pfeiffer Big Sur State Park, Big Sur, CA

A different perspective. Pfeiffer Big Sur State Park, Big Sur, CA
A gate leading to the cobbled street and shops of a
frosty Old Quebec City. 
Ventilating a hot, summery shop in Old Quebec City.

Friday, May 3, 2013

A-Z Challenge Completed


That was one of my topics (B of course). I have been taking a breather from writing. But, I would like to add my "Challenge Recap" post to the list of other writers who completed the challenge because it was a lot of work and those that posted every day (I think I combined three missed days into another day's post, so I am not sure I qualify as an actual "finisher") deserve to pat themselves on the back and say, "Good Writing!!!"

What I loved about the challenge is that it forced me to get into my writing every day. The biggest deal was it forced me to write succinctly. In the past I've written only a couple posts per month, but they were long dissertations on whatever topic I was inspired to touch on, and I realize few people in today's world have the patience to read through someone else's musings for that length of time. There is something sad about that, and I don't mean in a personal way, just that it's sad that we are moving toward faster and shorter instead of slowing down and enjoying the magic that is within and around us.

As for my challenge posts, usually my writing was embarked upon late at night after a full day at work, then with kids and homework and dinner and bath-time and bedtime cuddling. So, that helped with the shortened entries. It made me realize that I can, as a writer, find a way to say what I need without going too far. For future endeavors I need to find the balance between full expression and bare-bones musing.

The three (I think?) days I missed writing were simply because I had so much to do throughout the entire day that I went to bed late and exhausted only to wake up and realize "OH NOES!!" I forgot to post.

Having a full life is wonderful. As I said in one of my posts, I'm glad I have a busy and happy life to use as an excuse for missing a post versus being sad, depressed or useless (or hopeless) and saying eff it, who cares? which I used to be like way too often, way too long.

Gratitude is key for me. For what I have...everything I have.