Saturday, July 27, 2013

Hop on the Gratitude List

A blog I follow popped up in my reading list here at blogspot this morning. Apparently there's a blog hop called 10 Things of Thankful. It reminded me that my practice of writing gratitude lists is an important part of staying happy, grounded and in connection with my God. So without further ado, here's today's gratitude list:
My number one reason to be grateful. 

  1. Happy, healthy children. I have two beautiful little girls who have walked through the process of divorce, me going slightly crazy trying to handle the pressures of divorce, single-motherhood, work, bankruptcy, PMS (I swear I must be close to PMDD), and giving up our home. They live with their dad and then I according to our custody agreement and they know how much they are loved. They do well in school and they have lots of friends and they are such good little girls. I love them to pieces and am forever grateful to be their mommy.
  2. Our NEW home: I wrote about this before. When I finally let go of the old, run-down, overpriced condo, a new and better one became available to us immediately. Same complex, quieter area, bigger, better appliances, working a/c, a great landlady who fixes things when I ask. Oh, if I had known two years before what was waiting for us, I would have laughed and clapped, and not wasted so many tears.
  3. My job. This is the job that I was at before the end of my marriage and through the divorce. I may have some gripes lately, but my gratitude for everything that is my job is strong. I love my job, my office, most of my coworkers and the projects I am involved in. Thank you God for my job.
  4. My car. It's newish. It's nice, it runs well and I enjoy taking care of it like no other car I've owned in the past. My first brand-new car. Love it. Thank you God. 
  5. My cat, Rocky. She is the coolest cat ever. She fits into our family like crazy, and she is a funny little feline who loves her humans. Now, if I could just get her to stop creating mad art with the toilet paper, we'd be golden.
  6. My friends. When I make these lists I always just do them in random, flow-of-thought process and I always end up saying, "this list is in no particular order," and that is because I am so freakin' blessed with amazing friends who always are there when I need support, for whom I can return love and support, and we can laugh, bitch, hang, do whatever together and it is always ok because we love each other.
  7. Being of service. I just re-upped, as they say, at the local hospital where I used to volunteer when I was in high school. I passed the physical fitness test and had the medical tests yesterday to be sure I'm not sick with TB or measles...I'm not...and soon I get to help in the emergency room lobby. I also helped serve food to musicians at a local music festival and liked it so much I went back the next day (I was only scheduled to work one day for three hours) and put in another 6 hours. I just love helping people which goes against my otherwise "get the eff out of my way" attitude at all other times. Need to reconcile those two very different attitudes so I am ALWAYS feeling of service, no matter where I go or what I am doing.
  8. The power of prayer. Love this. I pray a LOT. Talk to God A LOT. Many, many, many times my prayers are answered so that I either 1) learn a great lesson or 2) am blessed by the Grace of God to live in a happy and peaceful way (i.e. the whole condo thing). 
  9. Coffee. Ok, anyone who knows me knows how much I love my coffee. I've blogged about it. I'm addicted to coffee but since I don't do drugs, don't drink, don't drink soda, and don't smoke, my gratitude for coffee is at its greatest level of all times. Thank you GOD for the java.
  10. The power of writing. I love writing. I may not be perfect at it, but it's the process more than the end-result for me. Writing is cathartic and a powerful way, especially here, to express what is going on inside my head.
One more thing to be very grateful for. My daughters and I get to go support my friend Julie as she walks through the memorial today for her daughter, Brittany. We are going for Julie, to hug her if we get a chance, to express our love and our sorrow for the loss of her beautiful, spirited, amazing daughter Brittany. 


  1. What a beautiful, powerful list of blessings you have counted here, EireKitten. Your strength and positive outlook after dealing with such difficult times makes you one of the folks I love best of all, those who choose to pick themselves up, dust off, and move forward. Your attitude will go far in helping your little girls to become strong women who can handle the bumps and curves ahead in life. I'm delighted that you were blessed with a condo that is even better than what you had before, and things are falling into place in your life. I was smiling more and more as I read your post! I hope you will add it to the link list at Ten Things of Thankful, the more we read of each other's blessings, the more we remember to count our own! I am right there with you on Number 8, prayer is the most powerful gift we have been given!

  2. I also have to say, what beautiful little girls you have!

  3. THank you again!! I am grateful every single day. It's a beautiful life. :)


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