Thursday, July 4, 2013

Independence Day

One of the first jokes (riddles?) I recall my dad ever telling me wasn't so much a joke as it was a tricky little test of my young analytical skills. I failed miserably.

When he asked me "What other countries have Fourth of July?" I answered, "None dad! That's America's special day!" Or something like that. I felt so smart. Perhaps smugly so. Silly dad.

*oops...silly young Kris*

Of course, the answer is ALL countries that follow the Gregorian calendar (aka Western calendar) have  a fourth of July. 

The trick is that the United States of America celebrates its freedom with a national holiday called Independence Day, which falls on 4 July. Somewhere along the way, it has become known simply as Fourth of July.

In fact, as I tried to find banner and profile photos for my Facebook page, I googled "Independence Day" and all the photos that popped up were of that fine cinematic masterpiece by the same name (honestly, I enjoy's a great little sci-fi flick...I just find it difficult to watch Bill Pullman's cheerleading/propagandist speech before We the People kick alien ass without cringing just a bit). When I amended my search to "Fourth of July" BAM!!!! picture after picture after picture of American symbolism popped up...Lady Liberty, the American flag, fireworks, eagles...sometimes all in one photo. So, I acquiesced and grabbed a couple I liked and uploaded them to my page.

Awww. I love our Lady Liberty. 
Even so, I admit I easily fall into saying "Happy Fourth of July y'all!!" 

I don't always say "y'all", but when I do, it sounds stupid. 

To remain true to my anal-retentive, historical nutcase self, I did officially state "Happy Independence Day" on Facebook. Just to keep things on the historical up and up and to make it clear I know the answer to that riddle my father pulled on me soooo lonnnnnggggg agooooooo. (echo echo echo).

Have a great Independence Day America. And to all the rest of the world, Happy Fourth of July. (Unless it's past midnight, then Happy Fifth of July).

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