Monday, July 15, 2013

Justice for Brittany Jane Royal

On May 28, 2013, the body of Brittany Jane Royal, pregnant with her first child, was caught up in a fishing line. She had been strangled and thrown off a cliff in Hawaii. She was found in the waters of Kalapana.

Brittany's mom, Julie, is a friend of mine. I didn't get to meet Brittany, but hearing her mom talk about her, Brittany was a happy, free-spirited woman, who loved life. She played music, traveled, appreciated the beauty surrounding her. The photos on the Facebook page, Justice for Brittany Jane Royal, show a glowing young woman with a wide and beautiful smile who exuded happiness and spirituality.

Julie is one of the most amazing women I know. She has not crumpled under the tremendous volume of sadness and injustice that has befallen her, her family, her friends. Yes, she cries as she speaks of Brittany, but it is momentary. Julie believes in God, and she knows her daughter and grandbaby are now up there watching over us. She believes the spirit that resided in Brittany in life, permeates all those who knew her and those of us who, unfortunately, only heard more details of her life after she died. Julie combats the sadness by being of service to others, by praying, by hugging, by talking about her pain, by allowing others to support her through this, by remaining strong for her two sons – Brittany's little brothers. Julie smiles and laughs and she moves forward and she will not stop, ever, trying to aid the police in apprehending the prime murder suspect, Boaz Johnson, Brittany's boyfriend and father of her unborn child. He is still missing, although the police in Hawaii believe he is alive and on the island. 

A memorial will be held for her in her hometown in a beautiful garden setting full of faith and spirituality. Like her mom said, it's right up Brittany's alley. The "after party" will be at a local beach and everyone is encouraged to bring instruments and be ready to sing and dance. It is the only way to celebrate Brittany's life.

Please, if you are reading this post, PLEASE forward this to all you know. Get Brittany's case out there. The more media coverage there is for her, the better the chances of finding her killer. I know I have a small following, the largest percentage of my page views are spambots for crying out loud. That's why I am literally BEGGING you...if you are a human being reading this through, please pass this on.

Please look at Justice For Brittany Jane Royal's page on Facebook. Read the messages from her little brothers, her mom and dad, friends and strangers who care. Read her bucket list...things she wanted to do before she died.  Look into the eyes of a beautiful, gentle soul, look at her smile, she was so glad to be having a baby...look at the photos of her with her mom and family...look into those eyes of a mother-to-be who was murdered and please pass the link on to help bring her killer to justice.

Thank you. I have much gratitude for ANYONE who read this far and especially for those who have passed this information on.


  1. A heartbreaking story, but a story of faith and courage none the less. Justice will come, if not in this lifetime, then in the afterlife. My heart goes out to Brittany's family, the memorial service sounds like a wonderful way for everyone to have a chance to share their love and say goodbye!

  2. Thank you...her mom, her whole trying desperately to make sense of this. The memorial was beautiful and it was a privilege to meet the family and friends.


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