Thursday, October 3, 2013

And Now For Something Completely....Useless

I haven't blogged since the heat died down. We have actually had mid-80s...EVEN mid- to high-70's temps here in California. I think I have been so euphoric about it that it bled the writing synapse thingies in my brain right dry.

So, here I am at almost 11 pm on a Thursday evening, wondering why I'm not meditating like I said I would, and knowing it's ok, I can bust out this useless post in a few and get to the woowoo stuff and no worries because today is actually my Friday. No need to go to sleep at a decent hour when you don't have to wake up at o'dark-WTF?!?!?-early.

Let the three day weekend begin!!

I have been so flippin' busy's crazy. And wonderful. Have spent a lovely amount of time catching up with my dear friend Nicole from Belgium, then tomorrow is drop the kids off, hit the gym, spiritual chitchat with friends, and hanging with the kidlets on a rare Friday with them since their dad is off doing something or other. And it just dawned on me that I STILL haven't been able to get to the hospital to get my volunteering started...I am beginning to wonder if me buying the uniform, getting the blood drawn and having a physical and attending not one but two orientations was all just a dream...Note to self: add stop by the hospital volunteer office and find out when I can work the ER lobby to tomorrow's to-do list. Geez.

Then, Saturday, for the first time since I started helping Have a Snack for Humanity feed people, I get to bring my girls in on the fun and let them help out while we feed hungry folk at a benefit. Was going to take them to the LA County Fire Museum again, but...well...we may still bust on over there after working the food table. I don't know. They said they want to go, but...we'll see.

Anyway. That's just a silly little update on a very busy life. It's good to be busy. Down time is also good, but being out there in the world and helping people is a lot better. :)

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