Saturday, October 5, 2013

Scrubbing Bubbles Oh My!

Paid another visit to the Los Angeles County Fire Museum in Bellflower today. It was so neat (I can't use that word without thinking about Kevin Costner saying "neat" to Madonna in her documentary "Truth or Dare" and then she made fun of him for saying it.  Why does my brain do this to me? Pull idiotic trivia from the crevices and fling them forward???) to just be there. I can't really say why, but it's a place I immediately fell in love with when we visited a couple months ago.

So, my kids and I were snacking in the little room in which they have a kid's firetruck, some old helmets and turnout gear, an actual fire hydrant taken from the rubble of the Twin Towers and donated by FDNY, and a couple display cabinets full of Emergency! paraphernalia. All of which need some TLC cleaning. 

I still tear up looking at anything related to 9/11.
That will never go away.

I don't know if that's a "real" defib prop or a toy. Looks too real to be a toy...

Cool games. HEY! We've been to the REAL Station 51! Funny, they have a
model just like this there too. 

When the Vice President of the Museum came in and sat down to talk to us, I asked if they needed volunteers to help clean. He was very happy to say YES! as most of the time the people who volunteer are there to work on the amazing vehicles in the museum, not so much cleaning and dusting and scrubbing toilet bowls. So, I volunteered to do that.

What should be made very clear here is that in NO WAY am I a clean freak. I don't even like cleaning my OWN home, and have no idea WHY I would feel compelled to clean anywhere else, but as it so happens I do tend to neat-freak it up when I am out and about. I straighten pictures, wipe coffeeshop condiment counters, pick up others' trash....I guess I'm just a mom.

But it's more than that...there is something about that museum that I am drawn to and want very much to be a part of and, well, it seemed there was a need and I offered to fill it. :)

Volunteering at hospital, feeding homeless, scrubbing museum toilets....what the heck is going on with me?? 


Whatever it is it feels nice. 

I hope they take me up on it. Oh, and the girls are excited to do it too!! HAHA!! They feel the same as I do I guess. Pictures of Johnny and Roy and counters in which there are Station 51 and Emergency! toys should sparkle. No cobwebs please. 

And because our first trip was so overtaken by everything Emergency!, I didn't really post photos of the other vehicles at the museum in my first blog about LACFM. So, to make up for that, here are only a scant few other vehicles at the museum:

All three of us decided we definitely want this car :)

Apparently this vehicle had a part in Disneyland history as well! the helmets.
Oh...that's Sami's head at the bottom of the photo. She tried all afternoon to photobomb me.

On a totally random and weird side-note...I keep seeing repeating numbers all the time,
12:12, 12:21 and 7:23 (my birthday, oh my!).
So had to get a shot of Truck 23 :)

Ok. She finally got it...


  1. Dinky Toys, I remember them. I'm always drawn to fire service related stuff. I wanted to be a fireman when I was younger but was talked out of it by older, supposedly wiser, members of my family. My stupidity for listening to them.

    Great blog Kris, thanks!

  2. The reason I didn't become and EMT when I was in my early 20s was because I worked in the Admitting department of the hospital here (the same one I am going to start volunteering at) and "did time" working in the ER department. It was my job to get the personal effects bagged up and get patient information...and the naked guy covered head to toe in blood with a gash on his side from falling off the roof of his construction site took the mickey out of THAT dream. I realized I'm not the blood and guts kind of girl, even though I have a HUGE desire to help people. So, I find other ways to be in that area I guess...straightening up magazines in the ER lobby...scrubbing toilets in the Fire Museum...LOL! Oh's something...

    If you're ever in Southern California with your family, we'll get you on over to the museum and Station 127 (Station 51)!!

    1. I don't know who was more the kid a few weeks ago at the local gala day when viewing the fire engine... me or the boys lol. I also work with three retained fire fighters, I'm alsways asking about what they attended when their pager goes off.


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