Monday, November 11, 2013

Drive Time II: En Fuego!!

I thought I'd return to one of the themes of my blog, which is music. (And – in retrospect – romance and lasciviousness. It's unENDing. :/ No really. It really doesn't ever stop.)

Did a "Drive Time" post a month or so ago and thought it would be fun to do another. Here are the top 10 songs making the rounds on my playlists in my office, car and home lately:

1. Dance With You
This song has special significance for me. Won't get into details, but the lyrics, at one time, said a lot for me that I simply couldn't articulate. Texted the song title to A Guy. Don't know if he ever listened to it. Ahhh, love. *sigh*. ANYHOO...Live, up til 2009, was led by blow-your-mind-talented singer/songwriter Ed Kowalczyk whose reedy voice round-houses the societal-commentary rock anthems the band is known for. And then he goes and, somehow, vocally caresses ethereal ballads like "Dance With You" and "The Dolphin's Cry" and "Turn My Head".  This song is  poetic, mythical, soul-love music. It has a goddess and her lover, karmic oceans, Fijian seas, starry want it, you got it.


2. Distance
And now for something completely different. Got tuned in to Christina Perri by my daughters who had me youtube  "Jar of Hearts" (beautiful song, awkward video.) There was a sincerity in her voice and lyrics that made me buy that song immediately, plus this song and a couple others. This video is as beautiful as the song is lovely and sweet. It's a one-two combo with Mraz's duet that makes this a constant loop. Oh, the love, the love! :) You gotta clap at the very end of this video. No really. You HAVE TO. It's the rules. Truth.

3. Far Away
Oh. My. GAWD. My heart just exploded. About a gazillion times. Ultra gooey, sticky, romantic guy-singing-what-I-want-to-hear stuff!!! Does this man have a Twin? Flame-hot romantic this is. (Hello? Is that you Yoda??). It's all my friend's fault. She said her boyfriend told her he thinks of her when he hears this song. (Hellajealous!!) There ARE men in the world who think this way. So. Prepare to melt. 

Seriously, what is with these grinding rock bands that put out these ginormously romantic ballads? Get your mops...

4. A Kind of Magic
(GPS lady voice: In 5 seconds, make a gnarly, high-speed, hairpin left turn at the intersection of Wait A Minute Ave. and What the Hell? St.)

*errrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr.....* (Contrary to what you just thought, that is not my long pause waiting for something to pop into my head. That's my interpretation of squealing tires in written form. I'm sorry. You should hear how lame my gun sounds are. Which you can't because...this is...writing. I'm digressing. This is the digression portion of this blog. #facepalm.)

This takes us out of Gushland and straight into Nostalgiaville. It's QUEEN! This happy song popped up on my iTunes shuffle last week. But as much as I love Queen, I have a plethora of their songs that I haven't heard yet. (What? Was that a collective gasp of 50-60 somethings falling over? Oops.) When I heard this, something clicked; there is a deep-level meaning here that I could write an entirely new, long, drawn-out post about. But I won't. (Arent' you lucky?) Besides, Freddie laughs so joyfully in the middle of it. How can you not love? And who doesn't love magic and flames inside of you and bells in your mind? God, the world is a sadder place without Mr. Mercury. The video is odd, but it's a fun look back to what MTV used to be like.

5. Must Be Desire
(GPS lady voice: Recalculating.)

It seems we've left Nostalgiaville for a detour to Retroheim. Let's soul it down a bit. 

Do not let the sound fool you. I use this video because I love the studio version of the song. But if you're expecting some slinky sex-kitten in stilettos, well, take a look at this video of a live performance of this song and prepare to experience "whoa". I absolutely lovelovelove this talented woman. A good lesson in not pegging people by what you see OR hear. And I dig the slap-bass beat that is so reminiscent of the hawt Lee Rocker from Stray Cats. Snap away my friends and listen to the "try to say that 10 times fast" musings of Mojo Juju!

6. Mercy
When Amy Winehouse hit I was ├╝ber happy about the return to 60s soul lounge sound, being the vintage/retro chickadee that I am. Duffy kind of has a Petulia Clark innocence with a hint of naughty spice going on. This song is all about I love you, you got me, but damn you got me in a place my morals don't want me to be...have mercy on me please...I'm down on my knees... Oh my... Oh mercy...You know, some girls don't WANT to be released. 

7. Say I Wanna Know
Here's proof some guys can pull off ultra-chic retro cool. And, lo, like Mojo Juju, Nick also does NOT look like he sounds. Hey, I like surprises, I like people who make me raise my eyebrows. This starts with a classic organ/tambourine shake and soon explodes with soul backup singers. This oozes sensuality. And a bit of confusion. Say, the man wants to KNOW... (This video lacks, ah, vision, so, use your own...)

8. Loveletter
I think I actually found this when I searched Gin Wigmore's "Man Like That" (from the Daniel Craig...mmm...Heineken commercial) song. This is right in line with those others up there, except where Duffy's pleading to release her, and Mojo is contemplating what it must be, and Nick is asking wha??, Clairy just right-bam-damn says it. Well, she writes it in a letter, we don't actually get to hear WHAT she writes, that would make it PORN, but the implication is there. Anyway, she's here with Nick's backup girls (not really, but it could happen) in a bouffant wig and Winehouse eyeliner in this campy video; she pulls off the music splendidly. least it's not another picture of a beach. 

9. Girl On Fire
Tires squealing again. GPS lady voice just quit. 

We are off the map altogether. And I don't know about you but it is HOT in here. Damn. So, appropriately, this one is ALL about a girl on fire. Not literally, because that would be super sad, but she is symbolically en fuego with inner strength. As Ms. Keys says in the intro of a live version video of this song, this isn't just for girls, it's a declaration for anyone who wants to stand up and be themselves proudly. It's beautiful and intense and I wish I could sing like this... "Looks like a girl but she's a flame, So bright she can burn your eyes, Better look the other way, You can try but you'll never forget her name..."

10. Fire Woman
What does a girl on fire become when she grows up? A FIRE WOMAN. THASSRIGHT.  I was into rockabilly and alternative New Wave in the 80s but somehow The Cult, labeled with the Heavy Metal/Goth Rock genre, transcended that musical line and made their way into my listening pleasure. This is a classic song that still resonates with me today. Ian Astbury's voice, like Freddie Mercury, is instantly recognizable. And, like Ed Kowalczyk, it's an incongruous voice that doesn't seem like it should belong in the metal genre, but slams every song to the ground with resounding force.

Ladies and Gentlemen, you'd think this would conclude our tour of a really mashed up musical road-trip but you're WRONG. Because I realize I have a LOT of fire/flame references in this post. These songs are replete with the heat theme. Who's surprised?? I'm not surprised. Are you surprised? If you are, you haven't seen the rest of my blog. *frownyface.

So, I got an idea. BING! Wonder how many songs I have in my iTunes library that have something to do with fire. Answer: A LOT! Too many to list. BUT! For a BONUS TRIP, let's add two of my favorites to make this an even Drive Time Dozen:

11. Burning Love
Need I say more? CMON IT'S ELVIS. NO ONE ARGUES WITH THAT. PERIOD. End of story. He's the king! Without further ado...Here's ahunkahunka blinged out burnin' love comin' atcha:


12. Fire
Right? HOW can anyone have a fire playlist without this red-hot, siren-lead-in song? Remember the scene in Backdraft? On top of the fire engine...? On the...on...the...hoses...?? No? Well, come to think of it, that scene had nothing to do with this song. They did use the song in the movie, I mean, they HAD's, like, a LAW or something (Section C of Code 51, Bill of Rights 12: Thou Shalt ALWAYS Use Ohio Player's Song "Fire" In Every Firefighter Movie, Anno Dominos Pizza Unum E Latinus The End Werd.) 

So, yeah, it was in some bar scene where all the firemen are singing this song.  But...mmmm...the fire engine scene...I'd like to swerve and curve and gosh I'd like ta get ma wish...choke, tighten up... And that ain't my colla' that just popped, know what I'm sayin' yeaaaah mmhmmm babayyy..... 

Oopsy...I think I just channeled the Lovemaster  (LISTEN AT YOUR OWN RISK!).

Let's just get back on the road, shall we? Ohio (Players) here we come!!

Not that it matters anymore, because, honestly, this post has gone to the gutter, other songs showed up, like Firework by Katy Perry, Fire in the Twilight by Wang Chung, Ring of Fire by Johnny Cash AND Social Distortion, Light My Fire by the Doors, Firesong by Volbeat, Fireside Song by Genesis, Burning Up by the Jonas Brothers. Yes I just admitted that to the world. Blah blah blah. But I'm done. Spent. No more more links!! I need a nap.

I don't always go on and on about love and sex, but when I do, it's in my blog.

Flame on my friends.

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